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A complicated site with negotiations in respect to boundaries, rights of way, land transfer, access road and party wall matters.

The project involved a private development of a land locked site with only a narrow access road for construction which would become the permanent driveway. There were a range of issues that MSA assisted with, which were crucial to the project for it to be feasible and enable site moblisation.

MSA effectively negotiated with neighbours to agree land transfers which included preparing a set of Land Registry compliant drawings to register the new boundary positions and associated rights of way.

Our services also included carrying out a schedule of condition of the local authority highway in relation to construction management and utility services. We also negotiated the reconstruction of neighbouring retaining walls to the benefit of all parties including acting as party wall surveyors and preparing party wall agreements (Awards).

If you are a developer with a difficult site and neighbourly matters to attend to or if you own a property adjacent to potential development please feel free to get in touch with us using our contact form to discuss your query further.