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Assisting in setting out to resolve position of new wall at boundary for rear extension works with multiple party wall notices.

The project involved a side and rear extension to a period property in Crouch End acting as the building owner’s party wall surveyor. The architect provided an excellent set of drawings to enable MSA to serve notices on multiple adjoining owners affected by the works. MSA managed to obtain consent to the notices from the majority of the adjoining owners.

The boundary was not properly defined nor was it perpendicular with the rear elevation or consistent with the centre line of the party wall. The building owners and adjoining owners engaged MSA to independently establish an agreed boundary line for setting out the new flank wall to the extension and for the erection of a new garden fence.

Our boundary survey established key datum points to cross reference during and on completion of the wall and MSA prepared a bespoke agreement signed by all parties to formalise matters to prevent a dispute arising.

If you have a query in relation to your boundary or you or your neighbours are planning building works close to the boundary please feel free to get in touch with us using our contact form to discuss your query further.